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What Types of Properties Can I Buy with a VA Loan?
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Written by Ed Andrews III on July 28th, 2020
VA Approved Homes List
If you're wondering if the property you've found is eligible for VA financing, the answer is probably yes. You can get a VA loan for a townhouse. You can buy a duplex with a VA loan. You can buy a condo with a VA loan. There’s a lot of options for veterans. However, the VA loan program does place some restrictions on the types of homes you can buy. Let’s go through each of the VA eligible homes to help you pin down your home search.
The following properties are eligible for VA financing:

Detached Single Family Homes – For new construction the builder must be registered. Use the VA Builder ID Lookup tool to ensure your builder is registered.

Multifamily Homes - Up to four rental units, one unit for the veteran to reside, and one business unit.

Condos - The entire condo project must be VA approved.

Townhomes - The entire community must be VA approved.

Manufactured or Mobile Homes - There are strict requirements that these properties must adhere to.

• Modular Homes - These are properties that are partly assembled, transported in pieces, and fully assembled at the homesite. There are stringent requirements for these as well.

• Unconventional Properties – Homes like geodomes, barndominiums, or log cabins are not excluded from financing. However, they need to be typical for the area they are being purchased in. Otherwise the appraiser will have a difficult time finding comparable sales when attempting to appraise the property. This is often the biggest barrier to financing for unique property styles.

You may encounter a lender who tells you that some of the property types listed above do not qualify for VA financing. 

The reality is that the VA loan property eligibility may be different at their particular lending institution. 

I would take that as a sign to find another lender. If they have that additional rule layered on top of the VA’s rules, odds are they have plenty more. Try to pair yourself with a lender who writes VA loans based solely on the VA guidelines, not extra rules and regulations they came up with on their own that don’t help veterans.

Now that you understand what types of homes you can purchase with a VA loan, you may be wondering specifically what types of homes you can’t finance with the VA. For that I encourage you to watch my video “properties you can’t buy with a VA loan” , where I’ll be going over all the property types that are strictly prohibited from the VA program.
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