I am the father of two girls, husband, US war veteran, bookworm and comicbook nerd. I’m originally from Michigan, and a fan of anything Detroit. I’m also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and VA loan expert.

When it comes to educating veterans about the VA loan my goal is to live up to the creed of the unit I served with; Nulli Secundus (second to none).This is my story….

I get it...I really do. There’s a skillion people online trying to get your personal information so they can spam the hell out of you. You like what I’m talking about, but you don’t know me from a can of paint. So why should you trust me with your information? Maybe if you knew my story you would feel a little more comfortable.
I’m not a native Texan, but it’s where I’ve lived since 2002. My parents both grew up in Detroit, Michigan and I also spent much of my childhood there. So my roots are pretty deep in the Motor City, and it’s where I consider “home”. I cheer for the Lions, Tigers, Wings, and Pistons; and as far as I’m concerned the “Brown Bomber” Joe Louis is the greatest of all-time.
I met my wife in Fort Worth, TX at the age of 19. We married less than a year later, only seven days before I would ship off to serve my country in the Iraq war. 18 years later we have two beautiful daughters (ages 7 & 9). They are my everything, and they’re tough as nails. They love to play fight with Daddy. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to have patience, and it’s helped me tremendously in my mortgage career.
If you’ve wanted to buy a home, or upgrade to a better home for some time now; you know that life can be a fight. It seems like there’s always something blocking you from your goals. My favorite thing about training in Jiu-Jitsu is not winning, it’s getting up. When you spend enough time refusing to stay down, eventually you become a fighter. 

Not everyone’s fight is on a mat, in a ring, or in a cage. But make no mistake, we all have a fight ahead of us; and the true spirit of a fighter is ferocious and uncompromising. I pride myself on being a fighter for my clients. Whatever obstacles stand in your way can be overcome. I’ve helped hundreds of people, and I can do the same for you. With constant and deliberate effort, progress is inevitable.

When I’m not working, training, or daddying I love to sit around and read books & comicbooks. I love both Marvel and DC, and I’ve read every issue of “The Walking Dead” (and yes…..the comic is better than the show). I think comics remind us that we all have a unique ability that we can use to serve the world, or cause others misfortune. 

So in a way, heroes and villains are real life everyday people. My ability is to help veterans and everyday people unravel the mysteries of mortgages and credit. I know it’s not as cool as being Spider-Man, but for many people I’ve been the hero they needed.
I enlisted in the military a week after my 18th birthday. I have fond memories of my time working as a Crew Chief on both F-16s and C-130s. But what’s stuck with me most is the three core values I learned in the United States Air Force. Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do…..those values will forever be a part of me. 

In many ways because of the military I unexpectedly bought my first home. It was the smartest thing I could think to do with my money at 22 years old. So that’s what I did. The process was terrible. I was scared and confused the entire time. Years later as fate would have it, I lucked my way into my first mortgage job. 

It was there that I would make the decision to dedicate myself to mastering both mortgage and credit, and helping people have a better experience than what I had. After over a decade my goal is to now bring valuable information to the people that need it, in a way they can easily understand. I hope you’ll allow me to help you on the journey to your next home.

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